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Why Does It Always Rain On Me  (Travis) (935)
Why Don't I Miss You (tab)  (Bowling For Soup) (765)
Why Georgia  (John Mayer) (347)
Why Should I Cry For You  (Sting) (302)
Wicked Game  (Stone Sour) (344)
Wicked Game  (H.I.M.) (7836)
Wicked Gil  (Band Of Horses) (426)
Wide Awake  (Katy Perry) (312)
Wie Es Geht  (Aertze) (444)
Wikileaks¬†¬†(Oūuzhan KoÁ) (810)
Wild Child  (Doors) (362)
Wild Horses  (Flying Burrito Brothers) (384)
Wild Ones  (Jennings Waylon) (355)
Wild Thing  (The Troggs) (494)
Wild World  (Cat Stevens) (3654)
Wild World  (Mr Big) (302)
Will The Wolf Survive  (Jennings Waylon) (384)
Will You Be There  (Michael Jackson) (514)
Will You Love Me Tomorrow  (Four Seasons) (392)
Will You Remember Me  (April Matson) (482)
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow  (Amy Winehouse) (486)
Willie The Wandering Gypsy  (Jennings Waylon) (379)
Willst Du Mit Mir Gehen  (Nena) (333)
Wind Of Change  (Scorpions) (869)
Winding Road(tab)¬†¬†(Cem KŲksal) (1876)

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Window Blues  (Band Of Horses) (426)
Winds Of Change  (Bruce Dickinson) (414)
Wings  (Birdy) (241)
Winning A Battle Losing The War  (Kings Of Convenience) (434)
Winter Song  (Ingrid Michaelson) (434)
Wintertime Love  (Doors) (368)
Wisemen  (James Blunt) (1156)
Wish For Something  (Amy Macdonald) (385)
Wish I Was Your Lover  (Enrique Iglesias) (543)
Wish You Were Here  (Pink Floyd) (8699)
Wish You Were Here  (Pink) (322)
Wish You Were Here  (Within Temptation) (607)
Wish You Were Here (tab)  (Incubus) (1589)
Wishful Sinful  (Doors) (358)
Wishing Well  (Ben Moody) (376)
Wishing Well Tab  (Jansch Bert) (377)
With Hot You  (Zara) (550)
With Me  (Sum 41) (387)
With You Tonight  (Matt Wertz) (471)
Withdraw  (Kimbra) (253)
Without A Word  (Birdy) (303)
Without Love I Have Nothing  (Tom Jones) (337)
Without You  (Mariah Carey) (1015)
Withstand The Fall Of Time (tab)  (Immortal) (663)
Womanizer  (Britney Spears) (652)
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