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When Your Mind's Made Up  (Glen Hansard) (496)
Whenever I Say Your Name  (Sting) (130)
Whenever Whenever  (Shakira) (982)
Where Angels Fear To Tread  (Bryan Adams) (400)
Where Corn Dont Grow  (Jennings Waylon) (272)
Where Dark And Light Don Differ (tab)  (Immortal) (593)
Where Did You Sleep Last Night  (Nirvana) (2167)
Where Have You Been  (Rihanna) (342)
Where Is Love When Its Gone  (Gotthard) (304)
Where Is My Mind  (James Blunt) (293)
Where Is My Mind (akor+tab)  (Pixies) (689)
Where İs My Mind  (Placebo) (1820)
Where The Boat Leaves From  (Zac Brown Band) (276)
Where The Enemy Sleeps (tab)  (Kataklysm) (639)
Where Were You  (Maria Mena) (230)
Where?  (NickelbAck) (263)
Wheres The Love  (Hanson) (327)
Wherever I Go  (Miley Cyrus) (178)
Wherever Love Goes  (Randy Houser) (204)
Which Way Do I Go  (Jennings Waylon) (246)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps ( Akor)  (Beatles) (1245)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (tab)  (Beatles) (1437)
While Your Lips Are Still Red  (Nightwish) (360)
Whippin Piccadilly  (Gomez) (176)
Whirlpool  (Seal) (304)

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Whiskey In The Jar  (Dubliners) (202)
Whiskey In The Jar  (Metallica) (2825)
Whiskey Kind Of Way  (Zona Jones) (177)
Whiskey Whiskey Whiskey  (John Mayer) (206)
Whisper  (Evanescence) (2321)
Whistling Cannonbals  (Shane Nicholson) (145)
White Christmas  (Michael Bolton) (322)
White Christmas  (Taylor Swift) (195)
White Flag  (Dido) (673)
White Horse  (Taylor Swift) (622)
White Line Fever  (Flying Burrito Brothers) (271)
White Winter Hymnal  (Birdy) (145)
Who Is  (Bruno Mars) (227)
Who Knew  (Pink) (183)
Who Knows  (Avril Lavigne) (908)
Who Loves You Tab  (Four Seasons) (213)
Who Owns My Heart  (Miley Cyrus) (155)
Who Says  (John Mayer) (210)
Who Wrote Holden Caufield  (Green Day) (636)
Why  (Jason Aldean) (278)
Why Am İ The One  (Fun) (160)
Why Are You Crying  (Flying Burrito Brothers) (256)
Why Did I Ever Like You  (Pink) (160)
Why Do You Love Me?  (Garbage) (368)
Why Do You Want Him  (Green Day) (672)
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