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Thats Not My Name Acoustic  (The Ting Tings) (405)
Thats Why We Praise Him  (Tommy Walker) (468)
The A Team  (Birdy) (356)
The Acoustic Song  (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus) (428)
The Ambassador Of Pain (tab)  (Kataklysm) (682)
The Ballad Of Jayne  (La Guns) (489)
The Bard Song(Tab)  (Blind Guardian) (3069)
The Beautiful Ones  (Poets Of The Fall) (509)
The Best Damn Thing  (Avril Lavigne) (1379)
The Best Day  (Taylor Swift) (400)
The Best Of Love  (Michael Bolton) (507)
The Best You Never Had  (Leona Lewis) (382)
The Big Bang  (Rock Mafia) (770)
The Big Big Bang  (The Rock Mafia) (1721)
The Blower's Daughter  (Damien Rice) (688)
The Bonny Swans  (Loreena Mckennitt) (525)
The Book Of My Life  (Sting) (329)
The Boy Who Murdered Love  (Diana Vickers) (319)
The Bright New Year Tab  (Jansch Bert) (388)
The Build Up  (Kimbra) (347)
The Butterfly  (Ross Lynch) (380)
The Cage  (Travis) (462)
The Call Of The Wintermoon (tab)  (Immortal) (655)
The Chain  (Ingrid Michaelson) (466)
The Climb  (Miley Cyrus) (411)

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The Climb  (No Doubt) (362)
The Crawl  (Placebo) (501)
The Darkness That Embrace Me (tab)  (Immortal) (663)
The Day That I Die  (Good Charlotte) (469)
The Day That Never Comes  (Metallica) (664)
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight  (Birdy) (359)
The Door Is Always Open  (Jennings Waylon) (440)
The Driveaway  (Miley Cyrus) (315)
The Driveway  (Miley Cyrus) (349)
The Drugs Don't Work  (Adam Gontier) (323)
The Eagle Tab  (Jennings Waylon) (444)
The Edge Of Glory  (Lady Gaga) (439)
The Empty Mirror (tab)  (Cathedral) (645)
The End  (Doors) (398)
The End (Tab)  (The Doors) (728)
The Epidemic Of Unexpected Relapses(tab)  (A Black Rose Burial) (523)
The Faithful Lover¬†¬†(Mor ve ÷tesi) (887)
The Fallen Angel (tab)  (Iron Maiden) (662)
The Fear  (Travis) (566)
The Fear  (Lily Allen) (479)
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face  (Leona Lewis) (420)
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Tab  (Jansch Bert) (450)
The Flood  (Katie Melua) (428)
The Funeral  (Band Of Horses) (461)
The Garden (tab)  (Cathedral) (641)
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